About JavaDogs

Welcome to JavaDogs! This website was created by a team of student developers at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s 2017 WiC Hacks hackathon for women. The goal of this project was to convey core principles of Object-Oriented Programming through sample code, visuals, and simple explanations. Java was chosen as the language to be used for sample code due to its popularity among OOP programmers. This website is meant to be accessible and easy-to-understand for both children and adults, with code explanations defining important terms and avoiding jargon that confuse and overwhelm beginner coders.

Why JavaDogs?

The JavaDogs name and logo has a few significances! First, all of our sample code is in the OOP-friendly Java and centers on a hierarchy of Animals to explain inheritance, with one subclass being a “Dog” class. Second, the creation of this project would not have been possible without coffee. Third, JavaDogs is a play-on-words of “JavaDocs,” a useful tool for any Java programmer.

To contact our team with questions, comments, or suggestions, email ceo2869@rit.edu